Sound Proof Doors

Sound Proof Door Picture

Sound Proof Doors in Las Vegas:

  • Metal doors up to STC 57
  • Wood doors up to STC 49
  • Fixed windows up to STC55
  • UL labels up to 3 hours for doors made of steel
  • UL labels up to ¾ hour for wood doors


  • Single doors
  • Pairs of doors
  • Vision lites from peep holes or dual glazed windows providing full light
  • Either power or manual operation
  • Tandem assemblies
  • Option for double egress

Frames & Hardware:

  • Split style
  • Tandem
  • Double egress and four sides
  • Hinges
  • Gaskets and stops with applied acoustical design
  • Retainers and gasketing around the perimeter
  • Door bottom
  • Hardware that is stop offset