Rolling Fire Doors

Rolling Fire Door Picture

Operating System Benefits for Rolling Fire Doors in Las Vegas:

  • Close fire rated doors without releasing spring tension, avoiding dangerous resetting process
  • Fuse link activated
  • Simple test system reset by reconnecting the fuselink
  • Available for 4 hour, 3 hour,1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour UL or WH ratings
  • 50,000 cycle springs

System Options:

  • Auto test chain & crank operators include a built-in automatic reset device for connection to a central alarm system or local detectors. Will close automatically upon alarm or power failure in excess of 10 seconds. Once alarm is cleared or power restored simple chain or crank up the door. No mechanical resetting required
  • Auto test motor operators close the fire door in response to an alarm signal and are fail safe by design. When the alarm is cleared and/or power is restored resetting of the fire door is done at floor level with the touch of the “open” button

Accessory Options:

  • Battery backup
  • Horn strobe
  • Voice warning module
  • Sensing devices and more

Retrofit Operators:

  • Special UL approval allows us to retrofit Auto-Test and Simple-Test operators to most manufacturers fire doors while still maintaining the door’s listing agency ratings