Traffic Barriers

Three of the most common types of traffic barriers in Las Vegas are outlined below.

Barrier Arm

Barrier arms are a type of traffic barrier that are especially useful for areas that experience frequent high volume and high speed access. Airports, office buildings and parking lots are some examples where a barrier arm can be an extremely useful tool. Each of these areas usually experience a high volume of traffic but also require a measure of security and control so not just anyone can enter. Barrier arms serve both purposes by allowing the supervision of entry access without hindering the busy flow of traffic.

Barrier arms come in a variety of styles, including single arm only. They can also be designed to integrate with other operating mechanisms, like a slide or swing operator, so that only one car at a time can enter the facility.

Barrier Arm Picture

Tiger Teeth

Tiger Teeth are extremely effective traffic control barriers as they are a visible deterrent to drivers. They control traffic flow by encouraging vehicles to move through the proper channels in order to preserve their tires. Not only are they one of the most effective traffic barriers, but they are cost effective and have a broad range of applications across many types of facilities. Tiger teeth can be found at airports, rental car agencies, sports venues, hotels, executive parking areas, and conference centers, as well as many other locations.


-Flush Mounted or Surface Mounted
-Spring Loaded, Manual or Automatic
-Customized Controls & Operation
-Visible Security
-Low Maintenance
-Low Cost Installation





Tiger Teeth Close UpTiger Teeth


At its simplest, a bollard is a pole that is permanently placed in the ground. One of the most common types is a fixed metal bollard. These are usually a 36” high post made out of steel which has been painted. It is set into the ground and held in place by cement. Other bollards can be retractable, mountable, or removable, depending on your usage needs.

Though three feet is a typical height for bollards, they can actually come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be painted in virtually any color and made of many materials. This flexibility gives bollards an array of capabilities and allows them to be useful in many situations. Additionally, bollards can be either cylindrical or square in appearance and usually have a cap that is either angled, flat, or domed.