High Speed Doors

Hgh Speed Picture

Our High Speed Doors in Las Vegas Are:

  • Perfect for commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, traffic is frequent and door safety concerns are paramount
  • Perfect for automotive dealerships, parking facilities and detention centers


  • All doors come standard with a 6′ high light curtain that detects an object in the opening and reverses the door. Due to the height of the light curtain all vehicles will be detected as opposed to photo eyes which may not always detect a larger vehicle.
  • Stack free design prevents metal to metal contact during operation, reducing excessive wear and noise
  • Vector control boosts speed up to 80″ per second
  • UltraEasy Slat Design is hinge-less, roller-less and uses not ball bearings. Fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance and cost of operation
  • Wireless safety system eliminates cords that can get tangled up, catch on other objects and are susceptible to breakage


  • 5-year or 1,000,000 cycle limited warranty on all UltraSecure 3000 drive systems, 2 years for all other mechanical and electrical components and 1 year for labor

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