Vehicle Access Gates

Automatic vehicle access gates give companies an added measure of security by allowing them to control access to specific areas. One of the most common spaces vehicle access gates are used is at the entrance of a facility. This secures the entire location, which is especially important for businesses in the industrial segment. In order to enter, for example, a manufacturing plant, all visitors and employees would have to make it through the automatic gate, either via an electronic pass or by stopping and passing over credentials to a security officer or employee.

For other types of businesses, automatic vehicle access gates can help control and separate different types of traffic, providing a smoother traffic flow into the business. For example, parking areas can be differentiated by access gates so employees and guests can have separate, designated parking areas. Using an automatic gate in this way can alleviate a lot of confusion for both groups, making sure that each has enough parking spaces to fit their needs.

When it comes to automatic vehicle access gates for your business facility, Crawford’s trained technicians are capable of handling any repair situation as well as any new installations in the Las Vegas area. Please contact our office for a free quote for any of your vehicle access gate needs.