Stage Curtains

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Stage Curtains

Stage curtains are made out of multiple parts. The proscenium curtains are the primary curtain, as well as the valence, and serve as a barrier between the performers on stage and the audience by blocking out sight and sound. Masking curtains block off the backstage areas and are composed of border curtains, side curtains, legs, and concert and mid-stage curtains. Other curtains that are included under the stage curtain designation include cycloramas or drops. These include sky cycloramas, scrims, and muslin drops. Commonly these curtains are used for set projection, lighting, and backdrops.

Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks from Crawford Doors can either be motorized or manual. Additionally, you can choose between straight and curved tracks that are either traveler or walk-along. All of our curtain tracks come in a wide selection for your usage needs, including whether you need ones for light, medium, or heavy duty usage.


Our stage curtains in Las Vegas can be made out of fire resistant fabric, velour, muslin, sharks tooth scrim, or a variety of other specialty fabrics.