Operable Walls / Partitions

Information About Our Operable Walls & Partitions in Las Vegas:

  • Operable Wall PicturePartitions are available in individual panel, paired panels or continuous hinged
  • Electrical operation is available on continuous hinged models
  • STC ratings from 44 up to 55
  • Walls available up to 60′ high


  • Standard Sheer Look wrap-around panel edges
  • Optional additional protective edge-of-face trim for extra protection
  • Strong, protective, universally interlocking framing astragals on both panel edges
  • Astragals are self-mating, deep-nesting
  • Continuous horizontal top and bottom seals
  • Quiet, smooth. Aluminum track systems


  • Solid, sturdy, acoustically-tight pass doors
  • Storage pocket doors
  • Mechanical top and bottom seals
  • Heavy duty steel track
  • Electric operation with SafetyFlex safety devices


  • Standard vinyls
  • Ribbed carpet (Option)
  • Fabrics (Option)
  • Woods veneers (Option)